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"One Great Flick. In my opinion Finish Line is better than the ever
popular American Graffiti Film. I suggest you order a copy, sit down and enjoy it. I found this whole film a winner. I hope the younger generation of today could get a peak at what it was all about.... " For complete story, click here.
Dave turney - Old Cars and Motorsports

"Loved it, reminded me of old Roger Corman hot rod movies. I thought it was wonderful! I think you've got a hit on your hands"
Daniel Berner - Hot Rod Movie Posters Review Click Here to read more

"I was pleasantly surprised at how well the movie kept me from leaving the room to grab another drink--I really enjoyed it."
Randy Bolig - Mopar Muscle Magazine Click Here to read more

"It was quite entertaining, a touching story and a very appropriate
ending. We loved the beautiful Mopars used in the movie, along with
all of the other muscle cars. It was like getting a musclecar fix!
We really, really enjoyed the movie!"
Winged Warriors National B-Body Owners Association
Sue George, President

"Good, clean fun for all ages. It's a must have for everybody's DVD
Lemon Twyst Classifieds

"It was excellent, great job. I enjoyed it very much."
MECCA (Mopar Enthusiasts Car Club of America)
Scott Pennington

"I found it to be quite entertaining. The story was good and the
cars were excellent. As an independent film it was quite well done."
Mopar Alley
Mike Bellis, Edito

"I viewed the movie and enjoyed it. The story was just as advertised
and the Mopar cars looked great!"
Mopar Power Club
Frank Fauci, President

I would like to say thank you for making an awsome muscle car movie
with a story. I have watched it over and over again. I love Mopars
and that seems to be the focus point in this movie besides the great
Enterprise Motorsports
Monster Truck Special events.
Jerry Jessie.

I'm a writer of childrens stories and it is wonderful to see a film
that is not only a good story but 'clean'. My husband is a former
racer (and a Mopar fanatic)with a small speed shop. He knows cars and
he knows when things are faked. The movie is authentic right down to
the work done on rebuilding the car to the speed shifting shown in
the race. The storyline reminded him of back when he was a kid
reading 'Clint Curtis and the Road Knights'. This is a wholesome
story you can see with you family. It is enjoyable to watch, well
acted, with good old time rock music. Loved it!
Curtis and Jan (Lister) Caldwell
Caldwell/Menagerie Publishing
Little Ridge,New Brunswick, Canada

I think it is most important to understand what a movie is trying to be before you can decide how well it accomplishes that. This movie, I think, is portraying a slice of American life that many people have never experienced first-hand. But for those who are intimately familiar with the car culture, particularly muscle cars of the Mopar varieties, this is an outstanding movie, and could serve easily to help enlighten our friends and family who do not fully understand or appreciate our passion for these vehicles and the way of life they embody.

The film's story plays out far less hokily than the brief plot summary would imply. For a moderate-budget independent film, it is well-executed, with realistic dialogue and sets, and best of all, cars. The cast all seemed like people I either have known or could easily envision knowing in reality. And as one who has owned a '70 Charger for twenty years, I can vouch for the process the characters went through to restore and build up the boy's car, as well as the significance that owners and spectators attach to vehicles of this type.

Certain scenes bear more resemblance to fantasies of gearheads such as myself (i.e. someone giving you a Plymouth Superbird for free) than to reality, and the "departure scene" at the end seemed a bit silly, but honestly these issues don't detract from my enjoyment of the film. This is a fairly clean movie as modern movies go, with minimal foul language and minimal depiction of situations that might have to be explained to your kids.

I've owned this movie for three days and have already watched it twice. I'll probably watch it again tomorrow or the day after. I guess that says all I need to say about how much I enjoy it. If they made a sequel wherein they found the main character's stolen car, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

T.S. Gorham III

I was looking for another car movie to add to my collection and found this one.

I really liked Finish Line. It's much like other car movies like "Vanishing Point", "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" and others. The production is more video like than movie like, but there is a story and it's actually pretty good.

The characters are evolved into characters you can identify with and the things that happen in this movie are quite believable.

If you like,
"Hot Cars"
"Pretty Girls"
and "Rock & Roll"

You'll like Finish Line: A Cruise Down Memory Lane.

I received my order last week, and it was a great pleasure watching your movie. Two words.... Very Great! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Roger Bilodeau Video sports Motorsises Quebec Canada

Just wanted to let you know that we received the second mailed Finish Line DVD today...watched it at lunch time and all I can say is "WOW"!

This movie ranks right up there with the likes of American Graffiti and Two Lane Blacktop in the "Muscle Car Guy" Category.

This movie should carry the same credit and fame among its fans as both of those movies.

Absolutely Love It!!!!!!!!......."Mid-Florida Cruisers", as this is a great movie for Car Clubs to get together and view!

I was around for most of the scenes in downtown clovis and remember getting a call at 1 or 2 in the am about a drag scene filming.. and promptly rushed out the door! lol. I have very fond memories of participating in/watching the production. I finally got my first chance to view the film and all I can say is WOW.

The emotion and passion behind the film came through in spades. I am a major movie buff, and have seen alot worse movies made for a whole lot more money. And few films have left me feeling as emotional while watching the credits roll like Finsh Line did. As I told a friend of mine, this may be one of the greatest examples on film of a sum truly being greater than its parts. Before viewing the film I was happy to have been a part of it, after viewing it... I'm proud to have been a part of it.

Again, great job on the film, and many many thanks for pushing forward and making it available to those who will truly appreciate the subject :D I will be passing word to any and every gearhead I know :D

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